Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art and the Purist

A digression: I was speaking with an old friend a few weeks back after some 15 years since last I had seem him. During our reminiscence and catching up, I found out he has also taken up photography as a pursuit. We discussed whether altering a photo in Photoshop maintains the integrity of the art of photography. He has taken the path of the purist; if the photo is not to his liking through the lens, and only in its native form, he discards the photo and works for that perfection of the image by using the camera only. I completely respect that approach to photography and realize that many will argue that it is the true form of the art. Ansel Adams didn't have Adobe Suite CS4, and achieved the mastery by trusting the camera and darkroom alone. I, on the other hand, view the art of photography in a different light. My perspective is that the camera is the tool that creates my canvas, and Photoshop is the brush on that medium. My argument is that the old-school darkroom was in fact a primitive version of the computer, and Photoshop an advanced form of filters and lighting gels that were employed by those who did not have access to such technology. Regardless of whose side of the fence you reside, we can at least agree that photography is a wonderful medium for those of us who cannot paint, sculpt or draw too well, but have the insatiable desire to create. These images here are a couple of my first attempts to paint in photography of my own.


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