Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art to the Beholder

I am learning that photography has a lot to do with perspective just the same as illustration, both visually as well as philosophically. Composition is everything with the former, and taste, the latter. I have seen enough photos to understand that things like 'the rule of thirds' and color balance, etc. can mean the difference between something that is appealing and something that just doesn't sit right in your mind. The same can be said with taste, like music. I will never understand how anyone can listen to country music for more than 5 minutes before they wouldn't want to set an icepick to eardrums. Yet, people love it. That is what makes art so amazing, isn't it? Here we all are with a common thread of DNA, and so different in all other ways. Well anyway, this image taken of my mantle that is visually appealing to me for a reason I cannot explain... it just 'feels' balanced in composition and color. Maybe you disagree, but then again, there is no accounting for taste ;)


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