Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Magic Places of the World

My homepage is Bing. Why Bing and not Google? Because Bing takes me places as soon as I open the web. The photographs they highlight each day are amazing and I am constantly in awe of their beauty. Sometimes they do miss, but sometimes I get to see the magic places of the world. I get to experience images from all over the world and I am amazed many of those places even exist. Often, they are far away... places I will most likely never see in person. But the wonderful thing about the world is that no country, or even continent, has a monopoly of the magic places. This one is in my backyard, here, near Austin, Texas. It is the Innerspace Caverns, discovered only when construction workers were drilling for posts to make a freeway. With miles of cave, some yet unexplored, it reminds me that there are still magic places to be discovered. We just need to keep looking for them.


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