Friday, April 17, 2009

True photographer

Gary's image of the desert

When I owned that Canon AE1, it eventually acquired a light-leak somewhere in the body after a former 'friend' borrowed it and then treated it rather poorly. At the time I hadn't been taking any images that I'd consider art at all: just family photos and the like. So I went to my brother (the REAL photographer), handed over the camera and asked him what should I do about the leak? He returned it 3 days later and I asked him if he had fixed it for me. He said Yep, and promptly handed me a large roll of black camera tape. lol! So for the next several years, I would cover every seal on the body of that camera with tape. It wasn't a very convenient way to load and unload film, to say the least. Still, I managed. All the time I was fumbling with my tape-bound 35mm mess, I was very envious of by brothers' images and cameras. He really is a talented photographer and you can view some of his posted photos at . He has what I call 'The Eye' and I really love his landscapes in the deserts of Southern Utah where he is renovating a turn-of-the-century hotel in Green River, near Moab. You can see the Midland and some of his photography by following the link. This particular image I have included here is one of his that I find amazing. It really does justice to the color of the rock and beauty found in the desert near his home. More stories of my photography journey coming soon.


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