Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pushed to the Point

Over the years, I have written many things. Some professionally, others for my own need to put thought on paper. I have always labeled myself as a 'writer' more than anything, but have yet to actually take the step into becoming a novelist. It has bothered me over the years, incessantly. One of the reasons has been that even though I have written professionally (e.g. HBO Original Movies scripts), to sit down and attempt a novel is daunting at best for most people, myself included. Where to begin? What to write about? How do you even start organizing ideas? And another thing: writing a TV script and creating a 300 page novel is very different. Yet the desire to do so has eaten at me for years. This past spring, the desire became so great, I started really researching how to accomplish my life's goal of becoming a published literary author. It burned so badly inside of me, I could ignore the call no more. That is when I found an amazing website that laid out a technique call 'The Snowflake' method. It changed everything. Through this method, I have finally begun. I am currently on Step 7 of the process, and it is exhilarating. I will describe my story more in the coming months, but basically it is autobiographical. Enough verbose floundering for now. Enjoy this picture I took of Jessica. I call it 'Counting Shells'.


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